Lists not finished


I’ve come back to Skritter resently after quite a long break, so although I’m an experieced Skritter user, I’m just getting to know the new app.

I usually use the app just for studying and the website (or legacy website) to manage my lists, check my progress, etc. In the past this had worked quite.

Now however, I’ve noticed that lists never get marked as “done” automatically, even if I’ve studied all the words. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a bug?

Also I’ve noticed that the “hide” button makes a list completely disappear with no apparent way to get it back. Is there some way to “unhide” them?

Thanks for the support

  • Tarya

Hi Tanya,

You can show hidden deck on the My Library screen by tapping the filter icon on the top right. That’ll bring up an option to show hidden decks.

With regards to deck progress, go into a deck that you’ve finished on the mobile app and press the more options button (again, top right) and choose the “Sync” option from the options.

If that doesn’t do the trick please email with the deck in question and we’ll investigate further and help you resolve the issue.

Happy studying!


Hey Jake,

thanks for die quick answer. I found the button to un-hide decks, thank you :slight_smile:

The “Sync” option unfortunately doesn’t help. The problem occurs for example with the decks/lists “TheChairmansBao” and “Dormitory Drama - Part 1”. I guess I’ll send an email…


Sorry sync button didn’t do the trick. Team will be back to work on Monday and we’ll try to figure out what the issue is.


No worries, I’m looking forward to the solution :slight_smile:

Hi Tarya! I’ve fixed up the lists and sent ya an email-- I’m closing this thread if you don’t mind!