Long press shows character on writing prompt

Edit: latest production 300451 on iPadOS

I’ve been “plagued” for a while with writing prompts “randomly”, unexpectedly showing the whole character while Skrittering.

I just now realized that when a blank writing prompt comes up, that if I touch-and-hold on the canvas without moving my finger (or Apple Pencil, but it’s tougher to do with this, because the small tip doesn’t easily stay “as still” as a finger), in less than a second, the whole character will “appear”.

Even if I’ve drawn a stroke or two, and then raise and long-press, the whole character is displayed.

Is this design behavior?

I keep triggering it accidentally because the delay is really short.

Yes, its a feature, not a bug. I just saw it as a “tip” when I started studying a list, I think for the first time on that particular device. I actually think its pretty good, but I wish we still had the ability to see a slow animation for a hint that we can pause as soon as we know the rest of the character. I think maybe that was last seen in Skritter 1.0 web version. (Flash based)