"longest streak" doesn't seem to get larger than 31 days

I’ve been using Skritter for about 3 months and it’s by far the best app for learning characters I’ve used. Some of the metrics on the stats page are a little bit weird though. I’ve used the app pretty much every day since I started using it but my longest streak has never gone over 31.

My guess is that this has to do with all the data on the “this month” card using data that was pulled over a rolling 31 day period. It might make more sense to move “longest streak” to the All Time card.

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Any community leaders have any clarification for what’s going on here?

Sorry for lack of reply!

Study streaks are currently capped at a month due to technical limitations of the old API the site is getting data from. We hope to improve that with an update to our v3 API in the future.

I suspect there are more than a few students on Skritter who’ve got insane study streaks, and I know I’d love to see them!


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