Microtransactions - suggestion

Hi there Devs,

I think skritter is a great app but I would like to make a suggestion.

Add microtransactions as an alternative to the traditional subscription.

My situation is that I have a 7 yo that is starting off japanese. He’s going to learn ~ 40 words this next year (or two) if that. It doesn’t make sense to pay the traditional subscription fee for him to have a skritter account (for me).

However, if you have a microtransaction option; ie: 100 characters for $2-5 ; I could easily justify that.

Your current business model really only works for business people or hard core students that are testing / adding words all the time.

How about the children.

Seriously though, you have a great app but you’re only allowing whales to use it with your fee structure. You’re squeezing out everyone else. I am sure the subscription model makes sense for some but given that many companies have gone microtransactions; maybe it’s time to reevaluate things.

Even for my account, I stopped my subscription as I had taken a break from my studies. Now, I want to add one or two words now and then; so I’ve reverted to using Pleco flashcards for my new vocabularly. It is a shame that your great product is so underused.

Hi there! :wave:

It sounds like you should try testing out the scratchpad (https://legacy.skritter.com/scratchpad) which is free, however doesn’t use the scheduling system or track progress. Since your child is only going to be learning 1 to 3 words per month, it doesn’t sound like a scheduling system is really required.

You can also continue to review any words that are due or become due for review with an expired subscription, however you would need an active subscription in order to add any new words from your list(s) you haven’t studied yet.