Misc bug reports


I’ve been having a few issues and as a heavy daily user its all got too much and I need to let you know:

  1. A very long running issue. 3-4 cards (can’t remember the exact number) always get stuck in my queue. This was happening agesssss ago with a different set of cards. I believe they changed cos I took a couple month long break from skritter and came back to it. Right now its 3 认为 cards and another card. Every time I review they are there waiting for me. They are like my little study buddies but they need to go <3

  2. Syncing issues since the last update. Since the last update there has been an issue with reviews and new cards syncing. This is infuriating when doing new cards. I will add my new cards for the day, and often, the new cards won’t sync into my due deck immediately. I’ll try and force sync, restart the app etc, but it seems it will randomly decide to sync within 1-20minutes, which reallllllly disrupts my study flow. Please stop giving me a reason to not learn my words, its already hard enough as it is :(.

One time it really lead to a disaster because after forcing a sync, restarting the app and trying to force sync again, I accidentally hit log out on my app. When I logged back in, my whole study session for the day of 400+ reviews was gone, AND words I had added and their associated reviews from a day before were also gone. That was so sad.

  1. Rejuvinate is buggy. Often nowadays it gets stuck “finishing up”. NOoo I need that feature, so frustrating :frowning: maybe its to do with sync issues? I don’t know but it works maybe 5% of the time now.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused during your studies. We recently patched some sync-related issues. Can you try refreshing your local data to see if that resolves your issues? If not, could you send us an email at team@skritter.com so that we can discuss this in more detail?