Missing Kanji List

Since my original problem has been taken care of I’ll re-purpose this topic as a tracker of yet-to-be-implemented kanji.

They are as follows:

詈 03.10.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
霹 03.10.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
靂 03.10.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
杢 03.10.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
撻 03.10.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
瀟 03.10.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
澹 03.11.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
瀧 03.11.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
塒 03.11.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
塹 03.11.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
嗄 03.11.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
攘 03.12.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
夷 03.12.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
柩 03.12.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
焉 03.12.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
泄 03.12.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
錚 03.13.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
猜 03.13.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
腱 03.13.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
杞 03.16.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
眈 03.17.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
饒 03.17.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
逍 03.17.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
謔 03.17.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
慇 03.18.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
懃 03.18.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)
噤 03.18.15 :heavy_check_mark: (added)

I’ll update here if I come across any more.

We haven’t got the strokes set up for 賤 yet. It was bumped ahead 12 hours when it was found they didn’t exist, so that the system will try again then.

If that’s the case then I guess 悶 and 噂 also haven’t been added yet, as they were the other kanji that weren’t being added. For future reference, is this something that needs to be brought up here before the characters are added, or will they all eventually be added as a matter of course?

@ZanDatsu I’ve set up the strokes for 賤, however both 悶 and 噂 have already existed in the system. Missing characters are something we would add over the course of time naturally anyway, but if you do run into anymore you could let us know and we can get to those first!

@ZanDatsu The missing characters have been added! (And also edited the post to show).

Thanks so much Jeremy! You’re a gentleman and a scholar. I might not be adding anything new for a little while but if I do happen upon more I’ll continue to update here. Thanks again!

I’ve compiled a bunch of missing kanji that I encountered while working through a large collection of 4-character idioms. There may be instances where a specific idiom contained more than one new character which made it difficult to determine if Skritter was missing both of them, but the majority did occur alone so I’m sure the majority (if not all) of the following have not yet been implemented.


I’d like to add I’m not in any rush to get through these or anything, so please don’t feel any pressure to take time away from something more important. I more just wanted you guys to be aware of what characters you might want to add when you do get around to adding more.