Mnemonics - plans for future versions

as the 2.35 version and the current beta handle mnemonics differently I would like to ask the developers what are the plans for the future?

In the old version we can see mnemonics for the current character, but not for a composite word. In the new version (last time I tried, Android 3.18) in the case of composite words, there is just one mnemonic.

I personally prefer to have mnemonics for characters, as memorizing characters is the hard part for me. But I wouldn’t mind to have an extra mnemonic for composite words, if I can still use character-mnemonics.

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If on a single character, the mnemonic should be for the single character, and if on a multi character word, the mnemonic should be for the word level. Drilling down to character level is planned, where you would be able to view the single character mnemonic as well.

This would be the most important feature for me, as I have been using mnemonics extensively to learn single characters as part of multi-char words. It would be a huge disaster for me if the final release does not include this.

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Final release will most certainly include this. Being able to explore characters that make up words is one of my favorite things about the legacy and classic iOS apps as well, and we’ll be sure to make sure it’s working awesome in the new apps too!