Moving words between lists

Why can’t I find a way to move words from one list to another? I’ve imported a list from ChinesePod, but I don’t want to create a new list every time I do this. I want to combine the lists. This is so frustrating. It should be very simple and I’m going around in circles here…

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Also, there needs to be a better way to import/ export from other places too. Even exporting a list from within Skritter itself in order to move words to another list is flawed. Skritter only wants the characters; not the pinyin and English definitions as well. But it seems every method of exporting from other places gives all this useless additional information. Entering words manually appears to be the fastest method.

You can copy and paste words in bulk into the list editor on legacy (https://legacy.skritter), even with the extra information, like this:
报到 bàodào: report for duty; check in; register
報到 bàodào: report for duty; check in; register
糟 zāo: dregs; to waste; spoil; in a mess
不由得 bùyóude: can’t help; cannot but
发毛 fā máo: scared; upset

It should just add the words themselves without issues. It looks like this isn’t set up on 2.0 (yet) however.

On the legacy site, you can also go into a list section, select each word you’d like to add to a list with the checkboxes on the left hand side, and then go to the “Word actions…” dropdown at the top, and select the option “Add to list”.

Yeah, I used the legacy site in the end. It’s fine. But it won’t be there for long…

The July 1st announcement on the bottom of the site is optimistic, the site won’t be going anywhere until 2.0 is better than 1.0, worry not! I’ve also opened an issue for how the copy and pasting of words into a list section is working on 2.0 as well.