Multiple duplicate characters?

Just noticed I have multiple characters duplicated and with different due dates.

I thought Skritter does not keep duplicate cards, or am I misunderstanding something about the system?

Thank you!

Hmm, that is a bit strange! It doesn’t look like there are actually duplicate characters/words on your account but I’m not able to reproduce what is in your screenshots. When I do a search for 不 here is what I see:

If I click in to the characters there are two different card types (rune, tone) that are due at different intervals:

Just to confirm you were seeing this when just looking at

Yes, these are taken from
But I used the inbuilt find function (ctrl + F) to go through them, not the find bar at the top.

Regardless I noticed the first pair directly without actually looking for it.

So, you’re saying that they appear duplicate because one entry is the rune and the other is the tone?

I have checked and as far as I can tell, yes, all entries are doubled, so I guess it is just the list showing a separate entry, one for rune and one for tone.

Could you please try on your end, see if you have “duplicate” values if you’re searching the list this way?

Thank you!

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