Multiple Users, Same Account?

My 7yr old son and I are taking a Chinese class together. Skritter really helps me out and I would like to share my lists with him and have Skritters awesome ‘learning’ features be tuned to him as well as myself.

Is there some way to do this?

Scheduling is uniquely catered to an individual, so there’s unfortunately no way to share the same account with someone else without it skewing data for both people concerned. If your son has his own account though, you can publish the list and share it with him that way and his own personal progress and data would be tracked, however!

Being 7, I haven’t given my kid a iTunes account. How would I configure skritter on an Ipad with an account just for him?

That’s understandable! You can create an account on the web at: Once created, you can change which user is logged in on the iOS app. Here’s a link to a guide: