My progress is never updated

I use the Skritter iPhone app. I had worked my way up through HSK 1,2 and 3 and about 80 words in HSK 4, doing all readings, definitions, and writings. Out of frustration with writing some HSK 4 words, I deleted all my progress and started from scratch, doing only readings and definitions. I zipped through HSK 1,2 and 3 and about 100 words into HSK 4. However, my “progress” has been stuck on “84 characters learned, 91 words learned” for at least 3 weeks, and yet the SRS algorithm gives me only a handful of reviews words per day. This makes no sense to me.

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If you go into your more detailed stats, you can see that you’re making good progress on readings and definitions (here:

Unfortunately, our main Progress stats are keeping track of character and word writings learned. Since you have those disabled at the moment, it doesn’t look like you’re moving forward, but you are (impressive retention rate, btw)!

This is an oversight in the way the Progress screen was built and the kind of data that is being fetched from current API that and some of our mobile clients are using at the moment. We’re going to be upgrading to the v3 API soon, along with our Progress overhaul, which will be happening on the new mobile clients first.

While not ideal, you can get a better indication of how you’re doing by going to and changing the graph that is displayed on the home screen to either readings of definitions. Or, by visiting the legacy progress screen here: and checking “Totals.”

Unrelated to this, but I suspect the reason you do not see tons of reviews for existing items every day is due to your high retention rate overall.

Hi Jake,
I followed your advice and can see my progress on I’m looking forward to the v3 API,
Thanks much!

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