Mystery: 撮ったのかよ or エーアイアイ? 🗾

The way the ear hears things can be very different, an interesting
concept regarding listening comprehension in general. There’s a sound
clip that roughly half of people hear one way, while the other half
hears it completely differently. What do you hear?

Mystery: 撮ったのかよ or エーアイアイ ?


Sounds clear as day to me that he’s saying 撮ったのかよ。I can’t see how what I’m hearing could be perceived as エーアイアイ… Very strange.

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My ears hear a very clear 撮ったのかよ. It’s so cool that others (like @SkritterOlle) hear something totally different!

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Right there with you! If you go to 5:10 in the video clip below, it plays the sound in slow motion and increases the speed gradually. I only hear 撮ったのかよ at normal speed, but hear エーアイアイ for the first couple of times when played at a super slow speed. Then once it gets fast enough, it just instantly flips back to 撮ったのかよ, (others hear エーアイアイ even when slow and up until normal speed).

So we can know we’re not crazy when hearing the slowed down version and エーアイアイ, but anyone who only hears エーアイアイ might think we’re crazy!

I can only hear エーアイアイ. I have tried hard to hear it as 撮ったのかよ and it just seems impossible. Wish I could understand the explanation for the effect. Maybe from the whiteboard explanation I can’t hear the consonants? It is very strange!

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