Network connection unstable

The last couple of days I’m getting the message “Network connection unstable” when I open the website on my phone. The app works fine though, and on my laptop the website also works fine. But even when I use the same wifi connection on my phone and laptop it still says unstable connection on my phone. What’s the solution?

And I’m not using 56k dial up :smiley: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

@eenmarco do you get the same issue if you use an incognito tab on your phone? Alternatively, does the same thing happen when you use try and access the desktop site in the mobile browser?

Just wondering if this is perhaps a cache issue, or if something funky is going on with the mobile browser version of the site.

Thanks in advance!

I normally use Chrome, but when I open an incognito tab it’s working fine. Also on Firefox it’s perfect. So I’ll just solve this issue by changing browsers and go back after there’s been another system update.

Thanks! You are the 太棒了st! :hugs:

It might have something to do with an extension you have installed-- I would try disabling all extensions and seeing if things are working, and then enabling them one by one to see if one of them is acting up and causing problems. I also recommend to clear your browser’s cache / cookies for good measure!

This thing somehow solved itself after an update of Chrome.