New Advanced Color Study Deck (In-App Video)

We have a brand new Skritter deck teaching some more advanced colors in Chinese!

This Skritter deck features 12 color categories, with fun images hand-drawn for each color by Skritter’s Iona Tian.

If you haven’t seen the first lesson introducing basic colors in Chinese, you can study that here.

I like the idea of this deck however I am not a colour professional and i would not be able to recognise the colours from the english words either. it would be great it you could add a letter sized image with the corresponding colour to each of the definitions (more so than the images from the video even)

adding the hand drawn images too would be a help

Currently, the learn screen and info screens both show the hand-drawn elements. Are you suggesting adding something like an emoji on the English definition too? I worry there are not enough colors in the emoji alphabet to show each type of color.

hello the problem seems to stem from the fact that i am using the website and it does not show the pictures

regarding the colour “emoji” i did not mean for the to be an emoji just an image added to the definition that is monotonely that colour of a pixel size of the normal letter height. i think probably not required

i have previously on the website seen definitions that contain img html codes and after that added img tags to images from wikipedia of vegetables that i did not know before learning chinese like 茼蒿 or 空心菜