New blog post: Hacking the most difficult Chinese characters (with examples)

I just published a new article on our blog. It’s about learning difficult characters and brings up three examples based on which characters Skritter users have most trouble with. They all happen to be semantic-phonetic compounds, so this further stresses the importance of understanding such characters.

You can read the article here:


Another great post by Olle. Certainly worth a read if you’re having trouble remembering difficult (or even easy) characters!

Hi Olle,
Reading this article I wondered what are the top 5 characters Japanese learners are struggling with. I’d guess they are different. Do the skritter stats say something about them?

It requires some effort to extract the stats, but we could definitely do this for Japanese as well. Perhaps @Jeremy would be interested in writing an article or two about this for Japanese?

Is there a difference between learners of traditional and simplified characters in regard of how hard it is to memorise words?

The post is super interesting. Personally I find 務 quite hard. Maybe because the left part is so similar to 野.

@SkritterOlle: Sounds great!