New blog post: Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters

I just published a blog post about the Chinese character dictionary that Outlier Linguistic Solutions is working on. It’s an interesting project that can potentially help students learn characters more efficiently by helping us to really understand how characters work. Check their Kickstarter campaign here or read my blog post about it here:

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What happens if they don’t reach their target?

This is by no means an official answer, but my guess is that everything will take much longer and will be much more gradual than if the fund-raising succeeds. I do hope that the dictionary will come out at some point, though, and I doubt they will just abandon the project if the campaign fails. Again, these are my thoughts, not an official answer, you’d need to ask Outlier about that. :slight_smile:

Well it definitely looks interesting, especially the expert version. I’m a sucker for nice pictures and good presentation.

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If they don’t reach their target then they don’t get any of the money that people have pledged. That would probably kill the whole project.

Ash (one of the founders) has been talking about, research, and working on building a dictionary like this since I met him years ago, and probably well before that. I would guess that they would keep working on building this thing even if they don’t meet the goal, but as Olle mentioned, that’s probably a better question for the Outlier team.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for them and I hope that we can work toward even further collaboration with the team and the the database they’re building in the future!

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Well, they made it. Take that, Benjamin!

Cool. Now I can buy it next year when it’s ready, I guess.

Yay, they made their stretch goal so will be making a workbook too! I didn’t see their post yesterday about it though which sucks, would have liked to add one to my pledge. Maybe @SkritterOlle can hook us up with a Skritter discount when it comes out :wink: