New character course

I wanted to congratulate you on a fine new course and deck, but comments are closed on that topic!

I have too many characters now to actually take the course, but I went through a few videos and am so impressed with their quality.

I highly recommend this course to those both starting out and to those who already have a hundred or so characters - or even more.

It is the kind of very helpful information you’re not likely to get from your average instructor, particularly helpful to the foreign language learner especially as it explains how characters came about not purely for historical interest but of use to the person learning to write them.

I found it a nice refresher myself.

Most importantly, it emphasises the character component learning method, which I have found essential in my own learning!

Bravo Skritter team! Much needed instruction.


Glad you like the course! :slight_smile: The main purpose is to present as much useful information as possible, a kind of average between very in-depth approaches that might overwhelm or even scare beginners, and approaches that are limited to showing cute pictures of character origins. Hopefully, we’ve hit the right spot!

The intention with the forum setup is that people can post about the course in that section of the forum, but I locked the thread we use to announce episodes to keep it clean. However, I can see that this is not very intuitive and maybe wasn’t the best decision. Soon, all episodes will be out, so maybe it’s easier to just wait until then, and let people post or reply as they please!