New phrase says “something went wrong”


I tried to add the phrase “零下的天气” to one of my lists on Web Skritter Chinese. It was not already in Skitter, so I defined it as “Sub-Zero weather” and added the pinyin. When I saved it, I got an error saying I had to pick a traditional variant. I picked one, but got a new error saying the phrase was already added.

Now, if I try to add “零下的天气” onto a list, it shows it is added, BUT when I try to save the list, it says “something went wrong” and cannot save the list with this word phrase on it.

Can you fix whatever is wrong on the back end?



@SkritterJake @Jeremy: Any thoughts on this one?


Hmm, I tested adding this (to your Miscellaneous list) and it looks like it worked correctly. Would you be able to give it another shot? Hope this is working now!


Weird. Yes, it added now without the error dialog.

Thank you!

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