New Practical Chinese Reader 2 list - order sections alphabetically?

Would it be possible to get the titles of the sections in the list: “New Practical Chinese Reader 2” edited slightly so that they are in alphabetical order please? This would make it easier to add words in the correct order for those that are studying with this book. Also, lesson 16 is missing.

Presently, the sections are named:
第二十一课, 第二十二课, 第二十三课, …

This means you start studying at lesson 21.

However, this book has chapters 15 - 26 (chapters start at 15 because it is Volume 2), so it would be better if they could be renamed to something like:

  1. 第十五课 (not 第一五课)
  2. (missing?)
  3. 第十七课
  4. 第十八课
  5. 第十九课
  6. 第二十课
  7. 第二十一课
  8. 第二十二课
  9. 第二十三课
  10. 第二十四课
  11. 第二十五课
  12. 第二十六课

I could even edit the list myself if I had permission but I don’t.

Thank you.

Here is the vocab for Lesson 16, which I’ve exported from a personal list I just made (tab separated):

预订 預訂 yu4ding4 place an order; book ahead; subscribe for
房间 房間 fang2jian1 room
国籍 國籍 guo2ji2 nationality; citizenship
护照 護照 hu4zhao4 passport
钥匙 鑰匙 yao4shi5 key
目录 目錄 mu4lu4 catalog; table of contents; directory (on computer hard drive)
续借 續借 xu4jie4 renew (something borrowed)
年龄 年齡 nian2ling2 (a person’s) age
广东 广東 Guang3dong1 Guangdong Province (Canton)
茶楼 茶樓 cha2lou2 teahouse (with two or more stories)
老人 老人 lao3ren2 old people; the aged; one’s aged parents or grandparents
开始 開始 kai1shi3 begin; to start; beginning
孩子 孩子 hai2zi5 child; children; son or daughter
热闹 熱鬧 re4nao5 bustling; lively; busy
新闻 新聞 xin1wen2 news
把 把 ba3, ba4 (mw for things with handles); (pretransitive particle); to hold
a grip; a handle; stem (of plants)
忘 忘 wang4 forget; overlook; to neglect
图书馆 圖書館 tu2shu1guan3 library
图书 圖書 tu2shu1 books
馆 館 guan3 house; building; establishment
办公室 辦公室 ban4gong1shi4 office
办公 辦公 ban4 gong1 to work; handle official business
室 室 shi4 room
上 上 shang4 above; up; on top; get on; go up; to attend
先 先 xian1 first; early; before
借书证 借書證 jie4shu1zheng4 library card
借 借 jie4 lend; borrow; excuse
证 證 zheng4 certificate; proof; to demonstrate
一会儿 一會兒 yi2hui4r5 a while; a moment
下 下 xia4 descend; fall; below; down; next; the second (of two parts)
带 帶 dai4 to bring; to take along; to carry; look after; raise (children); band; belt; ribbon; zone
填 填 tian2 write; fill in
表 表 biao3 surface; a table (listing information); to show
拿 拿 na2 carry in your hand; take; get
慢 慢 man4 slow
不行 不行 bu4xing2 won’t do; be out of the question; not ok
生活 生活 sheng1huo2 life; livelihood; to live
自己 自己 zi4ji3 oneself; self
姓名 姓名 xing4ming2 full name
性别 性別 xing4bie2 gender; sex; sexual distinction
职业 職業 zhi2ye4 profession; occupation
交 交 jiao1 submit; deliver; turn over; intersect; to pay (money); friendship
长 長 chang2, zhang3 long; length
grow; chief (Kangxi radical 168)
考试 考試 kao3shi4 test; exam; give or take a test
考 考 kao3 to test; take an exam; to check; verify; examine
不错 不錯 bu2cuo4 not bad; pretty good; correct
翻译 翻譯 fan1yi4 translator; interpreter; translate; interpret
新 新 xin1 new; Xinjiang autonomous region (abbreviation)
课本 課本 ke4ben3 textbook
出 出 chu1 go out; occur
还 還 hai2, huan2 still; yet; in addition; even
repay; to return
过期 過期 guo4qi1 overdue; expire; exceed time limit
过 過 guo4 to pass; to cross; go over; celebrate; (indicates a past experience)
期 期 qi1, ji1 period of time; phase; stage
entire, whole (year or month)
罚款 罰款 fa2kuan3 fine; penalty (monetary)
罚 罰 fa2 punish; to discipline; penalize
款 款 kuan3 section; paragraph; fund; sum of money; (mw for versions or models)
电脑 電腦 dian4nao3 computer
脑 腦 nao3 brain
查 查 cha2 examine; investigate; to check
新实用汉语课本 新實用漢語課本 Xin1 Shi2yong4 Han4yu3 Ke4ben3 New Practical Chinese Reader
实用 實用 shi2yong4 practical; pragmatic; functional
阅览室 閱覽室 yue4lan3shi4 reading room
杂志 雜志 za2zhi4 magazine
问答 問答 wen4da2 question and answer; interlocution

An alternative would be to use the Skritter-official list called New Practical Chinese Reader. The link is:

It has all 70 lessons from the series in order.

Thank you Apomixis. I was not aware that that list incorporated Volume 2.

It looks like I could use the “add vocab from…” setting on the list to jump in at a certain lesson in the series.

Ideally, assuming renaming the title doesn’t break anything for users already progressing through a list, it should be renamed to something like: “New Practical Chinese Reader books 1-6” (I believe there are six books?) as that would make it more obvious what it is, given that there are Skritter-published lists called:

  • New Practical Chinese Reader
  • New Practical Chinese Reader 2
    …which implies Volume 1 and Volume 2

It would still be nice to see New Practical Chinese Reader 2 tidied up if possible.

When you start a list at the beginning, it will skip words already studied by you. If I assume that both NPCR lists overlap at the beginning, you should be able to just start the new list and then manually add one character, which will make Skritter plow through the list until it finds a word you haven’t already added.

Note: to get that to work, you have to turn off the toggle that pauses a list at the end of each section.


I’ve gone ahead and tidied up the lists by:

  • Renaming them as per your suggestion (vol1-6) vs (vol 2)
  • and re-titled and re-ordered the sections from 15-26.
  • And have added 16 as per the list we have in the official set we have. This should match up with yours well unless you are using a new edition that we don’t have.

You should see that changes within the app, especially the section updates now.

Let me know if you spot anything funny.

Wonderful, thanks for the response Gwilym. I can see the changes successfully in my Android app.