New words are not being added

It doesn’t look like the android app is adding new words. Usually when the number of items to study is below 20 or 30, new words get added into the mix. I have an active unpaused list (HSK3) and the Add Frequency setting is Normal. The auto add daily limit is 20 (which is only visible in the website… the setting is missing from the mobile app). I can add words manually and that works fine.

Thanks for the report! We are going to be improving this and adding the daily limit back as a settings option.

Should new words be added automatically in 3.0.7?

Not seeing it yet, but I wanted to confirm all the same.

Things should be auto adding, but it seems like it needs tuning to work like intended. We’ll make sure to include notes about that fix (Skritter Mobile Beta Updates) when we patch it up.

Yes. So far, I’ve been manually adding words. I think my limit is set for 20 or 10, but that definitely hasn’t been happening automatically.

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Same problem here. Words not auto adding.

I am using 3.011 Chinese on Android and burned down from a very painful 600+ words in my queue (the appearance of so many words is another painful story) and upon reaching zero – a process that involved seeing some words like 15+ times – I was never getting “new” words, just more of the same.

Finally I had to choose to manually add “20”. (Which becomes far more than that due to various options)

Frustratingly, my lists as configured were completely ignored!
Instead of pulling from HSK3 as it should have, I got like 8 from that list and the rest from a bunch of other lists – none of which were desired or top of my queue.

So I finally had to do what I’ve done in the past: entirely REMOVE all lists via the web interface but the 2 I’ve “finished” and the one current list I want words added from. This is frustrating since I put much effort into finding lists I want to “someday” study – but due to faulty list handling must forget them.

(In the past I had to delete lists just to definitively get words out of my study queue that somehow creeped in and were not being blocked individually)

Another bug related to this is after you delete lists (only possible now on web), the old lists remain displayed in the app main screen. To really be sure the app’s lists match the web on Android you need to log out of Skritter and log back in so it pulls all of the information cleanly from servers.

I’m really looking forward to sensible list-related functioning:

  • adding new words automatically (and from correct list)
  • ability to reorder lists in queue
  • ability to remove list via app
  • ability to browse lists via app
  • sensible scoring/counting of items – I always see completely different “Due Count” simultaneously:
    ** Android phone (78)
    ** Android tablet (175)
    ** Win laptop using Chrome (140)
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Technically auto adding is working, however it’s not happening soon enough (before hitting 0). This will be fixed soon, sorry for the inconvenience!

@rory77: Thanks for the heads up on lists not being removed until you log in and out on the mobile (when deleting on the web). It sounds like it’s related to the dashboard not constantly syncing which is intentional, but if any changes happen on the web it’s not going to line up until it resyncs.