New words only added late at night

This has gotten to be a problem in recent weeks: it used to be that if I cleared my review queue, new terms would start adding immediately until my daily limit was reached, at which point I could manually add more terms if I felt like it.

Lately though I can clear the review queue down to zero all day long, but the new terms don’t start adding in until about 1:00 am, when I’m generally trying to clear the queue so I don’t have 500 terms to review the next day.

today has been a fairly typical example: I started reviewing at about 10:00 am, have cleared the queue several times now (it’s currently at zero), and out of 100 new terms, only 17 have been added. It just keeps going down to zero and stays there until 1:00 am or so, when all of a sudden it adds all the new terms in until the limit is reached. This takes me about 2 hours in a burst, when I could be spreading this load throughout the day.

I tried once to just manually add my 100 in the afternoon, but it didn’t affect my daily limit apparently because I got another 100 automatically added at 1:00 or so.

If I just put it off until the next day, as I’ve noted, the review queue backs up to an unmanageable number. Or rather, I manage it, but it takes hours.

Hmm, the issue might not have anything to do with the time of day items are added, however you might want to be careful when adding 100 items at a time (not just for technical reasons, but also for scheduling reasons). While this is being looked into, I recommend adding smaller quantities and perhaps refreshing the browser window (or going back to the dashboard if on Android) after it says the items have been added which should force it to reload the newly added things from the server. Thanks for the heads up!

I go back to the dashboard all the time. During the day it doesn’t seem to prompt addition of more terms, most of the time, and if it does, only a handful.

I also have to go to the dashboard (all this is on the Android app, the old one) frequently because the counter often gets stuck and stops counting down. I’ll notice, for example, that I still have 25 items due, but the number doesn’t drop for a few minutes. I’ll go to the dashboard where it reads zero, then return to study mode, and the counter is reset. Generally I do this 2-3 times a day.

However, after about midnight or 1:00 am, as soon as I get the counter down to a low number, like less than 10 maybe, it starts adding terms continually until I’ve reached my daily limit. It will NOT do this anymore during the daytime, no matter how many times I clear it down to zero.

I also thought maybe I was just clearing my daily limit at the beginning of the 24-hour cycle, but when I check my daily stats it shows I haven’t learned anything, or only a handful of terms, which tells me nothing’s been added, or only a little. I suppose it’s possible that items “learned” doesn’t equate with items added for study, but on average I find about a hundred items in my “learned” column every day, generally late at night now.

We pushed a server update recently that might have corrected a timezone issue for you. It was causing the due count to be calculated incorrectly at times on the new website which would explain seeing it jump up at an expected time in the future. If you’re still seeing this issue let us know.

As a matter of fact, I discovered everything working as it should just a couple of hours ago. I was about to post an update to let you know when I saw your notification.


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