New writing platform, Journaly, is in public beta

Thought I would share a cool resource I’ve been using a bit the past few months. Journaly is a public journal writing platform that just moved into open beta. It has tons of languages, but I use it for Chinese (and maybe Japanese someday).

If you’re looking for a fun way to write some Chinese and maybe get some feedback from myself and others in the community, consider signing up. Added bonus, the creator is a Skritter user and has a killer YouTube channel.

Here’s the direct link:

Happy writing!


Looks interesting, but could you maybe tell us a little bit more? What’s fun about it? How does it differ from writing elsewhere (obviously depends on what you’re comparing with, but still)? Is it specifically for language learners?

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Of course!

The platform is designed specifically for language learners, and the community is growing pretty quickly. The things I’m enjoying about it so far are:

  1. Ability to add topic tags to posts for easy filtering based on interests
  2. Ability to give and receive word/sentence level feedback within the journal entries
  3. Ability to give global feedback on journal entires
  4. Ability to to follow specific members to ensure that you’re able to read their stuff
  5. Notion style ability to easily upload custom images to your entries
  6. Ability to filter your feed by topic or a specific language (or languages if you’re learning more than one)
  7. Ability to edit posts after you’ve published them (and the fact that comments related to any changes are preserved and flagged outdated so they can be reference again by everyone

I see this becoming a very nice community in the future, and it is reminds me of lang-8 a bit, but with some more polish around the text formatting, and community elements.