Newly Published Japanese Vocab Lists

Did you just publish a new list that everyone should be studying? If so, please post a reply below. Be sure to include a few details about the list, and don’t forget to add a link!

Jeremy has just published the JLPT N5-N1 lists on the Skritter site and they’re now available for study. Together they cover a total of roughly 8,500 words and 2,200 kanji! You can read more about the lists on the Skritter blog or find direct links to the individual lists below:

Hi Jake
I am in the process of creating the kanji and all vocab lists for いつでもどこでも話せる日本語 books I and II of Tokyo Naganuma School.
Right now only the kanji list of book I is ready. The all vocab lists of book I and II are about half way ready (but will be complete by March) as well as the kanji list of book II.
I guess that other students studying at this school might be interested as well.
Let me know if you want to publish them for all users.

I also created in the past lists based on kanji lists used in primary school in Japan for level 10, 8 and 9 (10 being the easiest). It was a list of kanjis we used in a course at Complutense University in Madrid, but was clearly based on the official list of Kanjis as introduced to Japanese 小学生 in their first 3 years. If you want these, those 3 lists are ready. Just let me know and I’ll guide you to them. (I can’t give you right now the exact publication they were based on, as that’s currently all packed up in some boxes).


Hi Susanne,

I created this topic as a thread for users to share lists they’re working on, no need to reply to me directly, although I certainly appreciate it! I’m sure those lists would be very cool for Skritter users so please feel free to publish them and share the links!


Hi everyone.
I am in the process of creating kanji and all vocab lists for Naganuma School いつでもどこでも話せる日本語 books I and II. I plan to publish them all over the next weeks.

Here already the link to the kanjis from book 1:

Hope this will be useful for other students as well.

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Hi everyone,
now also the full vocab list of book 1 for Naganuma School いつでもどこでも話せる日本語 is ready and published:

Note: The kanjis in there are not part of the curriculum, only the kanjis in the kanji book (see link above) are being taught during the first book.

Here now also the links to the full kanji list and full vocab list for book 2 of Naganuma School いつでもどこでも話せる日本語

Kanji List:
All vocab:

Note: Only the kanjis and readings in the kanji list are being taught at school during the 2nd book.