No explanations for kanji?

Hello. Using and enjoying the app. Super useful. One thing that does annoy me, is that when a new word pops up and I go to check the meanings of the individual kanji in the Info section, there is no explanation, just the word kana.
For example, the word 読者 {reader}. When I go online to look this word up, I can see the first kanji means read, and the second means person. This makes perfect sense, and is already seeding my mind for when those kanji pop up later (though why you would introduce the kanji for reader before the kanji for read is not clear to me). It also makes this kanji easier to remember.
Why is this info not included, or am I missing something?

This is working on the beta version for Android, would you be interested in checking it out? You can install it by tapping the “I’m in” button (on the Play Store page for Skritter from your device, it’s near the bottom of the page).

Thanks Jeremy. I’m a little cautious about beta bugs, but a proper kanji breakdown would be so useful I’m willing to risk it.
Thanks again.

I’ve installed it. Lots more info. Alas, the kanji writing seems painfully laggy in this version, and the stroke recognition more temperamental. Oh well, beta is beta. I’ll give it a go.

The slow writing could be the result of a resource leak in the app. Each time you leave the study screen and go back to it the writing gets more lag. I now kill the app and reopen it every time I go back to study. Not ideal but it fixes the problem.


Thanks Mike. That does seem to work.
Much appreciated.