"No more words to add"


This one is no to me. Though I have lists with words to add, both, the app and the in-browser version, do not add new words for me. Did anything change?


It looks like your subscription is expired which is why you wouldn’t be able to add new items. You can resubscribe at any time via https://skritter.com/account/billing/subscription !


This is actually rather hard. Via app, it doesnt work. Skritter seemingly doesnt offer me any way to change it. So … how to subscribe anew?


As an update, it says “unable to locate subscription” on the andriod app (uninstalled beta and installed normal client) so possibly there is some mistake somewhere?


It looks like you’ve successfully resubscribed, thanks for your renewal! If you’re still running into any issues with this be sure to let us know.

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