No new words added

Even though my review queue for Chinese is more or less empty, no new words are added ever in the Beta. Japanese also seems to be stuck at 250-300 words in review, and it never becomes less, let alone that new words are added. How come?

Hmm, it looks like you don’t have any active lists in Chinese to add words from, you can choose premade lists (or create a new one) over at:

Regarding Japanese and the review count not dropping below 250-300, have you recently deleted lists on Japanese (from the 2.0 site), or reset your study data? There was an issue with items not being properly cleared, so that could be the problem if you had deleted a list or reset your data, (in which case a script could be run to sort it out).

Hi Jeremy,

Lists are active: HSK4 and HSK5, to be precise.

I have not recently deleted lists or reset study data in Japanese.

P.S. Please note that account Yomar2 is for Chinese, while account Yomar is for Japanese. If you look at Yomar2, you should definitely see active lists.

Had to same issue with the beta… I uninstalled it since then…

Jeremy? I’m still waiting for an answer…

Automatic word adding has been temporarily disabled while it’s being improved, however in the meantime you can still add a word manually at any time by tapping the manual word add (+) button.

I’ve taken a look at your Japanese account (Yomar), and the stats and queue seem to be correct-- you can take a look at the items due in the next 8 weeks, by clicking the calendar (twice) at:, on the right hand side of the screen.