No offline access

When I try to launch Skritter iPad with no Internet connection, it hangs on the splash screen indefinitely.

As a Scoutmaster who doesn’t want to break his streak, this is a problem!

Hey @Calion, we’re aware of the issue and are working on getting it fixed in an upcoming patch release. We just released patch version 3.8.1 which might also help.


I broke my 533-day streak while traveling when I ran into this issue… and by confusing my study time in the Chinese and Japanese apps. We hope to get it fixed up soon but had to prioritize some other updates first.

For anyone reading this and stressing about streaks… there is a little Skritter hack which is good to know. Our days don’t reset until 4 AM :wink: Helpful for the college students and night owls of the world!


Quick update here for everyone following along. Last week Josh finally cracked the case of the splash screen getting stuck on Airplane mode from time to time.

Offline the app was not getting past the splash screen to refresh the token, which is cause the app not to open. We’ve got the fix on internal builds right now and if it passes our tests (sitting offline for a week and still working) we’ll merge the fix into the next set of builds.

Hope to have a fix out relatively soon for everyone!

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The seven-day Airplane mode test has concluded. The app opened past the splash screen and data successfully synced once I connected again.

The bug fix is rolling out in the latest beta and will be pushed to production in the next round of builds.