No writing for some characters

Today, some characters were added to my studying that I could not write, like, technically. The app would not let me. On the screen where usually I am prompted to write a character it just shows the finished character and that’s it. This way I cannot practice writing these characters, which is for me the main point of using Skritter.

I am using the beta version on an android smartphone.

Is this expected behaviour? Is the writing just not available for some characters? Did I check a wrong option?

Cheers, Matthias

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next update, however in the meantime you can correct this by logging out of the app and then back in. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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I Jeremy, I tried this fix but it doesn’t seem to work. the same words are still already written. Do you need to have “finished” the word and then log out in order for the fix to work?

Ah, are you logging out before finishing the prompt? I’d try advancing to the next prompt, and then logging out and back in!

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