Not testing every kanji in a word

I’d like it if there were an option to not test every kanji in a word when a word comes up. For example - 勉強. I ALWAYS, always, always get 強 right because I learned this kanji ages ago. But no matter that, I have to draw it every time I test this word so I can learn 勉. It seems like a waste of time. I’d rather be focusing on what I don’t know.

I think this would be a good idea - have a feeling it has been raised before here. Skritter probably knows which characters you’re likely to get wrong in a word so could ask you to fill in the gaps and only occasionally do the full word. This would be particularly good for phrases, e.g. 踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费功夫 (in Chinese) I might get just one character or tone wrong and then have to write the whole thing again. Grrrr.

If you’re using the iOS app or web version you can skip ahead a prompt which will count the character as correct. (It’s not yet added to the Android app, but will be!)

That’s not the same. I would rather it tracked the kanji for me. I’m thinking of making an Anki deck that does this sort of thing by having one card for each kanji in a word.

I’d like to ask if it has been added to the Android app yet?

I couldn’t find this feature, but this would be extremely helpful, as I also feel like I waste a lot of time writing every character I 100% know in longer words.

I have found out, that if I go to the previous prompt and quickly double tap the next arrow, it sometimes skips the prompt I want to skip and marks it as correct, but i guess its rather a bug than a feature? (This also only works 1 character ahead, and not all the time) But since this “bug” exists I feel like addig this feature should be pretty easy, or maybe it’s in there and I just don’t know how to do it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer!

You can skip past any character in a prompt which counts it as correct, but there’s currently no way for Skritter to detect a character you know well in a word and force you to skip past it. Skipping a character still takes a tap, but you don’t have to write the character. (This probably gives much more control over the situation as well).

The advantage of having Skritter not test characters in a word that you know well would be that Skritter would know that the character has not been tested. This prevents pushing a review further out for a character that has not actually been tested. Also it could mean that Skritter could test whether a single character in a word is a problem or not.

Thanks for the reply, I think it is better the way it currently is as you have more control over the situation, but my main question is how to do this skipping in the Android app? Where do I have to tap?