Official Skritter HSK lists question

I’m between HSK3-4, but I didn’t practise writing enough, so after having learnt how to write radicals, I’m starting to write characters again from HSK 1 all the way to HSK 6 by using Skritter. There are some lists uploaded by the Skritter team that are rated as popular, plus user generated lists and nothing prevents me from creating new ones, but if lists are good I’ll just use existing ones. Take this HSK 1 list for example: . I see this in the description: “This is the new HSK version from 2009”. I know that the latest revised version of HSK wordlist released by Hanban was published in 2012, so is this and the other lists made by Skritter updated? Word count wise it seems they match, probably they also contain the right words, but I would like to be sure. I honestly don’t know what the differences between the 2009 and the 2012 version are.

If you have your mind set on studying HSK lists you could take the series sorted by frequency An advantage could be that if you need to sit the exam before getting through the entire list you still have a good chance.


I wonder why this HSK 3 list ( ) has 600 characters instead of 300 for the 2009 version list on Skritter… It says it is the 2016 update to HSK 3, so should be very recent. DId the number of words for HSK 3 really double?