Official Skritter list missing entries

Some of the official list by Skritter apparently have some words that Skritter does not know??

how come?

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These words are all wrong, so they shouldn’t be in Skritter. Why they are added to this list I don’t know. I have removed them and added the correct versions for the first two. The third one I can’t find in the list (is it from the same one?), so I didn’t do anything with that one. Thanks for bringing this up so it could be fixed!

For the record:

昇级 >> 升级
滑属 >> 滑鼠 (but this is a Taiwan-only word, so I added 鼠標 instead since that’s more widely used)

yes the last one is form the kitchen list!

I am happy with it containing Taiwanese specific words. I am mainly plaining on using Chinese in taiwan, so thats perfect anyway!

thanks for correcting!

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