Offshore skritter (no Internet connection)

Hi there!

I’m a long term student of Chinese and am preparing for the written HSK6.
I am desperately trying to figure out if skritter will work offline for about 45 days (really zero Internet connection), as I work offshore and frequently have quite some time on my hands for practice.

The information I can find relates to the older versions of skritter.

I would happily buy the 6 month subscription service if it will be functional over this time period.

I am currently on a huawei mate 8.

Thank you for your responses and help!

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ok, i have downloaded the beta version and enabled offline study. I’m trying to get all the hsk6 characters buymt it doesn’t seem to work!

any help would be appreciated :grinning:

The offline study mode has been acting up and not working correctly in all cases, so (based on your email from earlier!) since you’re planning on being away from the internet for a good chunk, I recommend using the non-beta Android app and bulk adding the words in advance before you’re away from a connection.

thank you very much Jeremy! I did notice that the cards don’t load smoothly with the offline mode enabled. I will revert back to beta and see from there

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