Old and new JLPT lists


I just finished the „old“ level 2 JLPT list and now I‘m wondering how I should proceed. Would it make sense to continue with the new N1 list or should I continue with the old level 1 list?
Should I also start studying the N5 to N2 lists or would that make no sense since I already studied the old level 4 to level 2 lists?

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Words in lists are tracked on a word level, so any words you’ve already studied aren’t affected by adding lists which also have those words. I recommend starting to study the N5 through N2 lists, which will make sure that any new words are added into your studies without affecting the words that were in the older JLPT lists.

Hi Jeremy,

That actually sounds really great. Thanks for the advice, I will do so :slight_smile:

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