Only adding from one list

Hi there, I have four lists that are supposed to be adding, but new words only ever seem to be from one list. Any thoughts?

I see four active lists on your account, each one is about 30-40% done. Are you still noticing this is an issue?

Yes, it only seems to add new words from my coursera list.

Hmm, which version of Skritter are you using where you’re seeing this? I’ll take a closer look.

Thanks. I am using beta 3.0.16 on android.

Hi Jeremy, any further thoughts on this phenomenon?

I unfortunately haven’t been able to reproduce this. I recommend deleting the app, and reinstalling it (making sure it’s the latest build: 3.0.18).

If you still are only seeing words from this one list, please let me know! I suspect reinstalling will sort out the issue.

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