Open source stroke data for Hanzi?

Hi all — a totally off-topic technical question.

Where can get my hands on some stroke data for Hanzi that mimics the strokes themselves?

I found a bunch of SVG-related stuff on Github but it turns out that they’re outlines rather than the strokes themselves.

I’m trying to get my line-us drawing robot to write characters:



Hello! Nice to meet somebody here who also has a line-us robot :slight_smile:

you might like to check out this vector dataset of kanji characters:

I would also like to put my line-us writing in chinese, but i have not even worked out how to send any kind of vector to it yet!

hugs from portugal.


Excellent, obrigado @theosaurus!

I’m on holiday in Laos just now but will check that out when I get home.

Actually, that project’s character database also has strokes as lines rather than outlines, in the “medians” array. Here’s a page that shows what they look like:

Brilliant, thanks @kaicarver! Not sure why I missed that.

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