Option to increase/decrease fontsize/color?

I sometimes find it hard to read the pinyin when doing definitions etc on my phone (using the website, not the app). The fact that the pinyin is written with image (light grey text) on a white background does not help. Would it be possible to add a customization option where you can change color/size of the text on various parts of the card?

I run into the same problem just opposite when I want to add a sentence etc, the characters are too big and does not fit if there are too many of them. An option to change these settings would really help a lot!

I mean this is what it looks like

We do plan to adjust UI things and the contrast issue you’ve pointed out is a good point, especially for those who might not have the best vision.


Awesome! Thank you!

Although what I really would wish for is for the app to work as the webpage when it comes to studies and adding unlearnt/new words automatically :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you using the older version of the Skritter app? Is Night Mode an option? It might solve your contrast problem, though not the font size issue.