Overall review after 2 weeks of skritter

I have been using Skritter for a little over 2 weeks now. Although I’m new to Skritter, I have been studying chinese characters for the previous 2 years or so. I have to say I am overall impressed with this application.

I’m currently working through lists “far east dictionary 3000” and a list of “成語”. Outside of skritter I was already studying the far east dictionary by writing out the characters on paper multiple times.

The convenience of being able to study characters at any given time on your phone is, to me, the most value.

My question is how accurate are the “known characters” in the statistics? It says I have learned 213 characters, when does the machine realize you “know” a character? After the first time getting it right? If so then why after multiple reps getting it correct would it keep sending it to be reviewed?

Since I am adding out of these lists that are in the thousands how does it decide how many reviews you have per
day? Right now, its manageable at a couple hundred but if it were over 1000 it may get out of hand.

Also does the application notify you once you have learned the whole deck? What would qualify for that? Going through every review consecutively one time without getting anything wrong?

All in all its been good so far. Version 2.0 has been working fine , the interface is clean and definitely a step ahead of the legacy version, although I don’t have any experience beyond looking at version 1.

I’m looking forward to see how far I can take it in the next few months…

Hi Nabeshima! :wave:

A character or word (item) is counted as “learned” when it’s been marked as correct, 24 hours from the last time it had been marked as “correct”. If you mark something as incorrect, it will remove that item from the “learned” stats, (until it’s been marked as correct with another 24 hours interval between the last time it had been marked correct, of course).

When a list is marked as 100% complete, it means that each word has been added from the list and is finished. You can check on the status by viewing all of your lists on the Lists page (or lists visible on dashboard).