Paid option for more (Chinese) audio


For me hearing the correct pronunciation while learning new words is incredibly helpful. While I don’t have any statistics on this, I feel that my success rate at remembering the correct tones is lower for words that don’t have an audio file.

Sadly there are still many words without an audio file available. Recently Hanping added the option to buy audio recordings for all the multi syllable words in HSK(1-5) and HSK 6 for a one time payment of 4.99€ respectively.
Would it be possible for you to go down the same route and license additional 3rd party audio recordings and add them as a paid addon (one time fee to cover the license costs)?

We’re constantly recording new audio for both Chinese and Japanese! Audio is recorded in order of priority (based on how many times an item has been studied without any available audio). If a word is higher frequency and hasn’t yet been recorded, it is only a matter time. :smiley: Audio updates are pushed to the web immediately, however the iOS app for instance has audio bundled and would require an update. Moving forward we’re making sure audio updates are pushed to all clients without a client update.

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That’s nice to know. I mostly used the android app to learn, which has the audio files bundled in an obb file. I guess that means the web version has more audio compared to the current Android app, but the 2.0 app will improve on that?

At this point the web version has a massive amount of more audio compared to the mobile clients, that’s correct! 2.0 will improve on this since it no longer requires audio to be bundled with the app and instead get audio updates from the server.

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Hello, since I started Skritter (5 or 6 months ago), I have never seen any update for iOS.
Do you think you will release an update including more audio file or we need to wait for the new brand version coming.

In a nutshell: when can we hope to have an update including more audio ?


The beta version has thousands of more audio files for both Chinese and Japanese, however the audio on the older iOS app is bundled and hasn’t seen an update in awhile. I recommend hopping on the beta version! In addition to a massively larger audio library, audio updates are received immediately opposed to requiring an update.

You can sign up for the beta at:

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Hello Jeremy,
Thanks, I already signed-up for the iOS beta but I never received any email or any code to redeem on the Testflight app…
Should I send you my email ?

Please ignore my previous message.
I just received the code by email.

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