Paid subscription difference?

I am sorry for the negative tone of this thread, but its just a reflection of my frustration so please dont take it personally. And before anyone tells me that I am cheap or something, I can tell you that I have paid for more than 8 years of skritter adding up to sums well over 1k USD, probably even closer to 1.5k (which I believe should be enough for a lifetime of skritter). 1.5k is really A LOT of money for me.

I started out being very supportive of skritter and the skritter team. The reason I finally unsubscribed a few months ago was that I was fed up with the talk of changes that never happened for years, the way the beta app was in a constant beta, the buggy drawing canvas and how long time it took for things to happen, I mean there have been games like minecraft created by one person alone during the same amount time it took for the whole skritter team to release minor changes. I am not saying its exactly the same thing but you get my point


I have seen that now there has finally been some real changes made with the android app, and I am considering signing up again. This time though I am being much more cautious. I have been a paying subscriber for so long that I dont even know the difference between a paid subscription and a free subscription. I could only find info about it in the legacy skritter faq where it says that “you can add new words”. Does add new words mean adding new lists, or adding words u still have not learned from your exciting lists? I think I used to have more than 5k learned characters and even more words at some point but I have had to reset everything many times during the years because of bugs etc. Could someone clarify this please.

Hi DaXia, nice to see you back! :smiley:

With an expired subscription, you can still review any words you’ve already added to your review queue, however you won’t be able to add new words from your lists into your active studies unless you have an active subscription.

Both Google Play and iTunes don’t support the way we have discounts set up-- since you’ve created your account in 2010, you’re grandfathered into a $9.95/mo pricing, however this only works when subscribing through the website directly. You can resubscribe using the website via:

Thank you! Feels good that us oldtimers gets a discount. Its things like that that really makes me want to stick around The new android app feels better and more responsive than before and I like the new features. Time attack mode is a great idea. I will resubscribe in the coming few days.


Funnily enough, a not dissimilar situation (hi DaXia…!).

Jeremy - that said, struggling to return as it doesn’t seem to want to work on my iPhone XR (iOS app -> “account data corrupt” and an infinite “preparing study” on the web app). Seems fine on my Mac. Any ideas? Thanks!

Shoot us an email if you haven’t already. We’re gonna have to check some logs and do some testing. It’ll be easier to back and forth via email. Team will be back in the office tomorrow!

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