Paypal subscription issue



I just recently tried renewing my subscription through PayPal. I had been on a hiatus for awhile. My account has been charged, but it’s not registering that I have purchased it on the site. Is there usually a delay for it to register? I don’t remember this happening the last time I bought a subscription last year.

And I’ve submitted a contact us report on this too, just wanted to see if this was common or not.


Hi srecker,

Thanks for your report! I spotted your email a bit earlier and responded there, but thought I would follow up here as well. We’re looking into the issue with PayPal payments and have manually updated your subscription time. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for the heads up!


Thanks Jeremy,

I appreciate the update


This still hasn’t been resolved and it’s been almost 4 days since I purchased the subscription.


I’ve sent another email your way! It looks like the correct year wasn’t set which is why the time wasn’t updated. I’ve thrown a little extra time your way for the trouble. Sorry about that!

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