Pixelbook Pen with Skritter website?

I just tried the Skritter website with the Pixelbook Pen (https://store.google.com/gb/product/google_pixelbook_pen) but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with the website?

So I tried another route: I installed Skritter Android app on ChromeOS via the Google Play Store (this is using the Android Runtime for Chrome). It almost worked, I can draw characters in Skritter with the Pixelbook pen, but somehow:

  • Single stroke work
  • Stroke with a change of direction doesn’t

From a non developer standpoint, it might be because you’re using ChromeOS and not Android OS. I believe we also haven’t had access to a Pixelbook Pen to test on specifically. @josh and @SkritterMichael should be able to weigh in on this!

I don’t have a device running ChromeOS with a Pixelbook Pen to test with, but it most likely has something to do with it recognizing input devices differently than other platforms. Can you try going into your Skritter account study settings and toggling on the Lo-fi writing setting and letting us know if that fixes the issue?

Toggling on the ‘Lo-fi writing’ setting works! (Skritter Android app on ChromeOS)


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