Please help, I do not know how to fix this

Dear all, please let me know if you can help me with the following problem,

I am learning multiple languages at once, including Chinese, German and Russian. Some call this laddering.

One way I like to study is review the same deck in several languages. So for instance, I would review HSK5 vocab list in English. Then switch my settings to “Russian” language as default language of the app and review the same list with the definitions in Russian. Then I do the same in German.

There is a problem though.

Whenever you switch the language of the app, all definitions are prompted in the selected language (English, German, Russian…) EXCEPT FOR those definitions that have been tampered with (customized). Those appear always in English, with the edition I made. The app does not switch those into the other languages.

I used to customize some definitions before I noticed this would become a problem later, because I did not anticipate the app seems unable to “forget” those customized words, even though I tried to reset the app and unlearn full decks to erase those customizations.

Is there any way I can force the app to “get clean” so that the customized words are forgotten, so that it draws the unedited definitions from the original decks in each language I select?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hey, sounds like a fun and ambitious project. There unfortunately isn’t an easy way in app to get rid of all your custom definitions in the app. But give us an email at and we might be able to look at your account and figure out some alternative options.

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