Please show mnemonics in browser too

so when I use the iphone app, it very helpfully displays a default (random?) mnemonic at the top of the screen.

but when I’m using the browser version, no mnemonics are shown! there’s only a text saying
"add word mnemonic"

now am I supposed to click on this for every character?

could it please display one automatically, just like the app version does?

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Make it an option… Random mnemonics can also be a distracting clutter :).

I agree it should be an option - and some of them give away far too much so I would rather not see them.

Mnemonics are hidden until the prompt is answered or the “Show” button is clicked, so it shouldn’t be too distracting or reveal the answer. There’s not other mnemonics besides what’s personally created on the 2.0 design (yet), though.