Pleco button to the front?

I use the Pleco button a lot.

Any way that button or an icon of a dictionary could appear on the main page to avoid the double tapping?


I think the plan is to keep it in the detailed info screen, however it’ll be front and center so you don’t have to search where it is and can tap right away. I realize that’s still an extra tap versus what you propose, though.

It’s still a gesture, but if you use your finger and slide from the right of the screen the info panel will be displayed. Should be a bit quicker than going all the way up to “i” button. And, as @Jeremy said, we’ll be moving it up on the vocab info screen so there is no scrolling. Expect this change in the next update or two.

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I understand the need to prioritize based on getting the best bang for the buck. But let me argue for the sake of argument: If one is a left-hander and using an iPad (lefty with iPad Air 1 here) in Landscape mode, reaching to the far-right side to swipe-left is too far to usably reach frequently.

It may be ok for Portrait mode or any “tiny” conventional phones, but not for Landscape on a standard iPad…and don’t even think about iPad Pro.

You’re forgetting about the option of lefty-mode :wink:

We have a few people on the team who are with ya on which primary hand should be writing the characters and we have plans to and try and make things a bit more friendly in the future. Pleco is a hard one to include on the study screen though. We don’t even have an antiquated way to add items to Skritter from Pleco let alone a button in the app.

And I’d love to hear why you feel the need to go to Pleco so often. I’m not saying I have a solution over night, but I’d love to figure out a plan of attack so most of what you need to learn stuff about Chinese is already in Skritter :slight_smile:

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Putting Pleco on the study screen seems like overkill to me, and I use it all the time. Top of the info screen seems like the right compromise. iPads aren’t typically optimized for one-handed reachability (check out Apple Maps on iPhone vs iPad as an example), so that should probably not be a driving factor in the placement.

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@SkritterJake. I use Pleco most frequently to cross-check characters and usage. This is where you can use Pleco to see how characters are used in other words that contain said character (either starting with it, or containing it). So, really it’s a cross-connection check linking my own mental map.

Next would be looking over other definitions and character history, and finally stroke order.

I’d be thrilled with a left-handed mode, and it would improve the usability significantly for me.

Q@rpetersn. IMO Skritter is a high-speed app, where it keeps changing the content and the user is responding to it every few seconds. A mapping app has a few selections up front, and then you let it go do it’s thing.

Seldom will one sit down and play with a mapping app for an hour, but for Skritter, that is a use case.

However the Skritter controls aren’t designed on an iPad for two-hand operation like a game would be (with left and right controls that do different things). They are modeled after a one-handed phone mode, but then expanded out across a much larger screen area. The usability plummets.

Additionally, as an example, the controls jump all around. The back button sometimes is on the far right of the screen for some prompts, and then for others is 6 inches farther to the left.

The old iOS app got away by being portrait-only.

I 100% agree that Skritter is a high-speed app. I took another look at the iPad landscape mode. The controls jumping around is clearly bad – the app hasn’t been fully designed or optimized for landscape mode (or iPad in general). I know this is not helpful, but I’d use it in portrait mode because it does work a lot better for me in that orientation, even if the control issue were resolved. The priority for doing custom iPad design has to be lower than a ton of other work that needs to be done, so I wouldn’t expect that to happen any time soon. In a fully custom iPad design, it is possibly even reasonable to pull more controls to the main page because there is so much extra space.

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@rpetersn Hence my “Pleco button up front” request. :slight_smile:

Will I get it quickly? No. But if I don’t ask, it’ll definitely never be there.