Possible error in JLPT N3 list

Not totally sure this is an error, but from everything I can tell AYAMARI should have the kanji 誤, and indeed the reading portion seems to test on this kanji, however the kanji for the writing test is something else. Is the written Kanji just some kind of variation? The radical is listed as a compound mouth over heaven, but the actual strokes are something else.

edit: Nevermind, this is definitely not a bug in Skritter. Is this Kanji just written both ways? I suspect one version is the simplified version. I think this might be a bug either in my browser or with my system fonts because I see both versions of this character.

Well…that was a trip down the rabbit hole. Apparently what I’m experiencing is something quite ridiculous. From the Skritter standpoint, I didn’t have a proper Japanese font installed. I’m not sure why I was occasionally seeing the Japanese version of AYAMARU, and other times the simplified han version, but the fix was to install the a proper Japanese font - TakaoPGothic(this is on linux).

This led to Skritter using the correct font, but other sites were still using the simplified han version. Why? Well, it turns out there is no good way to detect if content is Japanese or Chinese, unless of course language is specified in CSS. Skritter seems to do this, but most websites don’t, so the browser just grabs the first font which comes up that has the character. In my case this was a simplified han font. I don’t think there really is a solution, but a work around is to just tell the browser to always use a font with Japanese characters for all web content. Of course, this just means that Japanese content renders with the correct font, while Chinese and Korean content may be wrong. Unfortunately, until language detection is much better that might be the best that can be done.

This problem sounds similar to the issue I’m having with the 祀 character. The left side looks like a variant of 示 but the app makes me write ネ+巳.

Actually, that might be a real Skritter bug. That kanji shows up as you expect at:

Hmm, and upon looking at this a bit more, it seems that perhaps there is still some issue with AYAMARU. Now all of the html/css parts of Skritter display the correct Japanese character, however the flash part is still showing the simplified han version during reading quizzes.

I have changed my system font to a Japanese font, so I’m not sure what is going on here. This seems to occur on windows as well, so its not just an issue with Linux.

edit: this seems to be related to Chrome. The correct character shows up in Firefox.