Possible to find a particular word in my lists?

Sometimes Skritter gives me a new word, and I think, “Why am I studying this?” I want to know which of my study lists contain this word, so I can go back and study it in context. (I have been adding a lot of ChinesePod lists lately. Yes, I do study them before I add them to Skritter, but forgetfulness happens.)

Is it possible to look up an individual word and have Skritter tell me which of my lists contains this word? I could not find a way but maybe I missed something.

Skritter 1.0 (“legacy”) will tell you which list the word came from. The developers have promised that eventually 2.0 (“beta”) will have full parity on the functions.

Thank you! I had not thought to try 1.0. I hope this will be functional on iOS someday also; that’s where I do most of my studying.

It will be coming to iOS! Both Android and iOS apps are being replaced with updated framework based on 2.0

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Where do you find this feature in legacy? I have often wanted to use the feature (that I hoped was there!) but never found it.

“My Words” -> click on a word. In the lower-left, above the box that says “Part”, “Next”, “Last”, etc, it will say “Added from” and then the list(s) it is in.

I’m not sure I understand your question. My understanding is that by default Legacy Skritter will show you where the word came from after you write it correctly on the canvas. To the right of the canvas it should say "Added from . . . . " and the appropriate list name. I did not think it was something that you needed to enable. But perhaps @fangaili gave the better answer if you want to look up words separately from a study session.

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Thanks! I don’t usually study on the web, so had never seen that feature. The app isn’t the same.

It would also be useful if when one seaches in “My Words” that it lists the list(s) from which the word comes.

Oops, just seen fangaili’s reply … which is what I was looking for! Thanks to you both.

Happy to help. I started using Skritter before there was an app. That might be why whenever someone does not specify otherwise I assume they are talking about the web. “Legacy” and “1.0” refer to the original version of the web site. The more recent version of the web site is the 2.0 beta. It’s easy to talk past each other now that there are two web sites, two mobile apps (iOS and Android, plus a beta app for Android). The Holy Grail is a unified platform that looks and behaves similarly across devices, but that is still under development.