Possible to find unlearned character?

I’ve got 858 out of 894 characters registered as learned on writing with skritter. It seems to be characters I added a long time ago and I can’t get them to change to learned. With tones, definition or pronunciation I got about the same learned characters as added. But with writing there seems to be some characters that never get register as learned.

Is there any way for me to list these characters so I can practice extra on them and get them to show as learned?

It could be possible they are characters which haven’t been mapped in the system yet for writing, which is why they haven’t popped up for writing practice. (We’re working on replacing the current character editor, but until then new characters can’t be added-- there are currently over 11,000 characters mapped for Chinese and 4,000+ for Japanese though!). Once the new character editor is ready and the new characters are added, they’ll automatically pop up while studying as a writing prompt.