Practice what you got wrong after you've taken the test?

When you’ve tested yourself on a deck with the android app, you get a percentage and thats it. You dont get a list with what characters you got wrong or anything else to help you learn every word you got wrong.

YES, you can do this manually for each prompt by starring them etc and then somehow review yourself on only those cards (at least I think you can?), but it would be SO much better if skritter prompted you for that automatically after you’ve taken the test.

Like “You got X words wrong, would you like to practice them now?” And then Skritter will review you on those cards until you get all of them right.


We have something like this planned!


Awesome! Looking forward to it!

This feature really is essential. It’s very frustrating having to star and then review the starred list to focus on the ones I’m getting wrong. Surprised this isn’t in already given the prior appetite discussed on these forums. Please could this be bumped up the list :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Coming out in 3.7.0 release!

Fantastic. Thanks!!!

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