Pre-req hardware

Just started.
I did some intro exercises with my iPhone and Windows 11 desktop.
I have the feeling that I need some bigger touch device to be a successful student, like an iPad.
My problem is the canvas is too small on the iPhone.
My Windows 11 desktop has no touch user interface.
Please advice.

My thoughts: I mainly use an iPad, but found that the surface area is really too big if you plan on transitioning to real writing on paper. When you start writing on real paper, the characters will be so much smaller, and you won’t be used to the hand motions of making the characters in such a small area if you’re using the iPad all the time. The motions that your arm and hand make on the iPad, don’t match at all with the emotions you make when you’re really writing.
I really much prefer the iPad for running Skritter, But just found that it doesn’t transition well to writing tiny letters with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper. But it’s a much better platform for inputting new Content and changing definitions.