Prioritising reviews over new cards

Hi. Using Skritter Chinese for android. So because I was planning to be outside of internet connectivity for a few days, I (foolishly) thought it’d be a good idea to add over 200 cards to my study list so I could keep my daily progress while I was away.

Realised soon this was a bad idea because now I’m not getting any reviews, it seems like skritter is prioritising new cards over review cards. Couldn’t find a obvious setting in the app to control this. Is there a way I can reverse the damage, or do I need to restart the list?

Hi Hejoro!

The Android app does currently prioritize new cards before showing the reviews, however other clients (like the iOS app) will mix them up. The Android app is waiting on a major update and the way scheduling works will change.

In the meantime deleting the list should remove the words from your queue, and then you could re-add it back to your studies.

Appreciate the reply. Will go ahead and do that.

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Ah, I also forgot to mention that the words you’ve studied/learned won’t be affected once the list is re-added. (It won’t delete their progress).